Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Business without Digital Marketing is like fish without water.

To promote brands, products and services using internet and electronic devices is called Digital Marketing. Digital marketing mentions to online advertising using digital tools to drive potential buyers to website and transforming into leads, after that leads into sales and sales lead to revenue generation. WCH is the one of the top Digital Marketing Company in Delhi.

Electronic based digital technologies such as computers, mobiles, tablets and lot more devices are very common these days so marketing becomes very easy through them. If you are looking for digital marketing for your website, services and products then we offer our services. Our experts proposes an exclusive plan on the basis of your business goals and projects. Our digital marketing & promotion plan has three phases.

In first phase we put best effort to divert potential customers to your website by traffic diverting through blogs (content marketing), SEO, social media, and PPC or e-mail marketing. In second phase we have to convert into leads through downloadable appealing content like e Books, graphics, and fascinating videos. In third and the last phase we tend to close almost every sales because else it has no use. We endow our sales team with fresh data and tools to generate more leads. And the process keeps on going like this.

For a super effective digital marketing we should know what exactly it is. To achieve the above three phase plan our digital marketing SEO experts employ the following tools to promote your website.

Search Engine optimisation Pay Per Click PPC Influencer marketing Call to Action Strategy Landing Page Strategy Lead Nurture Strategy
Content marketing Social media marketing Email Marketing Link Building/ Earnings Free Content Info Graphic Design
Search Engine Marketing Affiliate Marketing Website Designing Marketing Automation Downloadable Content

The series of actions needs to be taken care while Digital marketing campaign starts for your company. We promote your business to enhance your brand value so that you could achieve your targets as follows:

  1. To identify your product buyers, ultimate customers which can be created by research, survey and interviewing your product audience.
  2. To analyse your marketing goals and the digital channels and assets where goals can be business increment by at least 10% and find the right digital tool which plays role of contributor to achieve.
  3. To audit and plan your owned media campaigns refers to the digital resources your company owns like different social media profiles, blog content, website over which you have complete control.
  4. To audit and plan your earned media campaigns refers to the responsiveness you grown due to word of mouth like customer experience, your goodwill, people sharing their views after using your products on all social media, press attentions to your product and company etc.
  5. To audit and plan your paid media campaigns refers to the channels where you paid money to boost your business including Google AdWords, paid social media posts and others.

If owned and earned media is enough to generate profits then no need to buy paid media. Thereafter our team will audit your existing content and audit your paid media campaigns like AdWords, facebook, twitter and others.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority although Digital Marketing is a long and tedious process. Our experienced and skilled dedicated professional do a lot of research work to endorse your business. We have helped a number of companies to get benefitted from our digital marketing services.