B2B Portal in India - E-Commerce For B2B


B2B Portal in India - E-Commerce For B2B

B2B Portal

A Business 2 Business is a portal where many business advertise their listing and watching people rely on internet to buy anything of their use. If made SEO friendly, responsive, highly functional and with unique substance, then B2B portals are actually successful.

Our company Web Code Hub offers B2B technology support by providing you excellent services to develop a B2B portal that suits your requirements. Online web portals are widely admired as a good source of providing global platform for their various products and services upon different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and MSN etc. Without wandering physically B2B portal stretches online opportunity where one party is in touch with others to trade the large number of products and get benefits from the services it delivers.

B2C portal

The best website company in Delhi, Web Code Hub offers great Business 2 consumer portals to enhance your business and boost your market value. We always design to ease your customers and make you prefer over other brands. A Business 2 consumer is a portal where products and services are directly selling between a business and its consumer without middleman, where consumer is end user of its products and services.

B2C is used to refer online retailers who sell products and services through internet. Few examples are Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. Any B2C business which depends upon sales needs to make very good relation with their consumers to ensure they return to buy more. B2C are five types in the digital world i.e. direct sellers, online intermediaries like Trivago, advertising based B2C, Community based like Facebook and fee based like Netflix.